Bouvardias exhibit a very good vase life when given the proper care!

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Here are a few care tips to let you enjoy your flowers even longer:
· Bouvardias absorb a lot of water, so make sure that the vase always contains enough water.
· Don’t let any leaves become submerged in the vase water. Best to remove any that might do so, as this will give the stems the energy to produce a more beautiful floral display.
· Do not place the flowers in a draughty location, near a heating element or in direct sunlight.

verzorging 01

Fill a clean vase with (sufficient) cold water.

verzorging 02

Add the accompanying flower food. Stir until thoroughly dissolved.

verzorging 03

Use a sharp knife to carefully trim all the stems at an angle.

verzorging 04

Arrange the flowers in the vase. Top up the water frequently, adding more flower food as needed.

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