Bouvardia Brilliant Selection

‘Brilliant Selection’, a new name as well as a new standard for a cut flower rapidly increasing in popularity among florists and consumers alike: the Bouvardia. The revelation? Well, here it is: Kwekerij Chrywijk is the only nursery in the Netherlands to grow single-stemmed Bouvardia. In other words, every cutting yields just one flower stem that displays excellent quality characteristics previously impossible to achieve by conventional production methods.

Collaboration with Royal Van Zanten

Over the last three years, Kwekerij Chrywijk worked closely with the plant breeders at Royal Van Zanten to improve its cuttings quality and optimise cut flower production. Both of these processes have now been aligned so perfectly that the final product is absolutely spectacular: one sturdy stem topped by a massive flower cluster which is now being marketed under the name of ‘Brilliant Selection’.

Characteristics of the Bouvardia ‘Brilliant Selection’ series:

• Length: always 70 cm.
• Highly improved vase life.
• 17 varieties available year round: this is the largest product range on the market.
• Average production capacity: 700,000 stems/week.
• Protective cardboard collar that both identifies ‘Brilliant Selection’ products and reduces transport damage.
• Can be ordered in water-filled containers.

Impression of Bouvardia blooming on the vase

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